How and to what extent can business contribute to a sustainable future?

This area of research explores and articulates the role of business in a thriving, just, and sustainable society. It addresses the question of the purpose of business. This includes exploration of business strategy, individuals who influence strategy, alternative forms of organising, governance for sustainable business, and achieving change.

We work with individual entrepreneurs all the way to the largest multinational enterprises all over the world to understand their unique challenges as a business, as well as the common challenges all businesses face.

Indicative research projects

  • Developing assessments, strategies, actions and advice for and with businesses to understand, address, overcome, and minimise climate change and sustainability challenges in a strategic manner.
  • Exploring sustainable consumerism and the role of individual choice, business strategy, and government action to understand how it can be harnessed and developed to benefit both businesses, the environment, and society.
  • Identifying how strategic decision-making happens, the influence of individuals and institutions, and the barriers to support decisions which focus on sustainability and climate change outcomes.
  • Exploring traditional and alternative governance mechanisms and their effectiveness in mainstreaming sustainability and climate change within organisations.
  • Developing best practice business models for a sustainability and low-carbon transition.